Just a map - Where have I been?

Updated after summer 2012

I have been here


Designs of a House

Some thoughts concerning the design ideas in residental building. If possible in my house there will be taken into consideration following things.


The tools and garage

Lighting and electricity


New Day

It is a new day again.. these days just keep coming


Hard Rock Hallelujah

We have been trying this for 40 years (I know only about for 15 years). And now they did it.

Eurovision Song Contest winner 2006 Finland. Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah.


Quiet lately

It’s been not much going on lately here mostly because of the bad batteries I have in my car at the moment. I haven’t been able to roll around with my car and also I have been busy with other things. Or atleast that is what I tell myself.

But now it is snow here. Like it usually is during the winter.

And what I actually should do is to do something with this publishing system because of the old idea of this beeing just a diary of things in norway is no longer valid or coherent and this is now some things more. I should then figure out how to categorise different pieces of my texts to according categories.



Some days ago I experienced something I have been hoping for a few years already. I have always been interested in technology and how things work and some enthusiasm for electric cars. I have closely followed the norwegian electric car Think and its journey on the globe.

While now living in Norway it came clear that if I want to know more about Think I should do it now while here. After contacting the Thinkers I knew one local Think city owner who would show me more about his car.

The tour contained one intensive co-driving and one even more intensive driving session. First just sitting in the car while it was moving was something quite impressing because of the silence. But after accelerating a bit the noise from the tyres started to make the travelling to sound more normal, at least there was some noise.

The first experience behind the wheel and backing up from the parking lot was the ease of movement and the incredible rear view. The visibility through the huge back window all the way down to bumper in the two seater Think explains the view and the ease of movement is the automatic transmission feel-a-like functionality of the engine. And because the engine is runnin only when you want to move somewhere you don’t even need to worry about it. While driving the feeling is like any other car except the regenerative braking functionality. After pressing the brake pedal the car continues to brake by turning the engine into generator and loading up the battery. By slightly touching the gas pedal the regenerative braking feeling is gone and the car just continues with its own speed. It felt like the cars would like to keep its speed when no pedals were used.

I really could think of driving a Think more often.


Nice Neighbours

Just a while ago someone knocked on the door. There were two guys standing there with some beer and a pizza. They were just happy to see us and gave us the pizza.

Fine with me.



A few days ago I got an email with a link to local news site with a specific page. The page was about a fire at Studenterhytta – a cabin owned by NTNUI. There had been a party on friday night and while the sauna was being heated there went something wrong and the fire moved from inside the sauna owen to outside. The wall near the owen and the ceiling started to burn and after a while the smell of burning wood reach the party people and they went to see what what wrong. They did everything very well and didn’t let the fire take over control but they took control over the fire. And most propably their achievements prevented the whole cabin to burn down.

And last week was the last week the old sports hall at Gløshaugen campus area was open before renovations. That was the other place I used to go when I wanted to go to sauna. Now I need to figure out new places to perform this nice finnish habit.



Now I have experienced it. The new way of competing in orienteering – Micro-O.

There was a nice micro-o training and demo organized last Tuesday to help people understand what it is all about and how to start thinking about it.

It was actually really great fun to try it and I really can see it as a training method but should it be part of competitions. I doubt. I think it is most suitable for training and for trainings for the whole club and to all age classes.

Micro-O at Nordic Orienteering Champs


Competing and training

The reason for not writing for the past weeks is really simple. While being offline it is really difficult to try to write. It all started with three Orienteering competitions in Denmark and continued with 9 days of training camps. First in Blekinge at southernmost Sweden with NTNUI followed by some more days with Kangasala SK in Göteborg.

..and little there is to say about those. Just training and training and training.


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