After years of waiting for battery technology to solve the problems they have I decided to give up on my elcat as even with better batteries the vehicle was not any more suitable for my needs. After elcat left the plot I started to miss it but hopefully it is in good hands.

The selling was not a problem. Just one short email to ev-mailinglist and my phone started to ring constantly. So lots of homes for evs in Finland.

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Just a map - Where have I been?

Updated after summer 2012

I have been here

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Designs of a House

Some thoughts concerning the design ideas in residental building. If possible in my house there will be taken into consideration following things.


  • There should be a room for hanging all the laundry and other clothes after working or training outside. These is no need for it to be big but there should be enough room to hang all those clothes.
  • This room must be next to the room where laundry is done for easy access.
  • In addition to these there shoud be easy access to shower (and sauna) from there so that you can eithet in your way in or out drop the laundry and just carry on.

The tools and garage

  • It should be most convinient to have the tools where you need them but I think it is better to have them in one place. This should then be easily accessible.
  • Good tools are good.

Lighting and electricity

  • More than enough wall sockets is not enough. Those should also be placed in places where it is needed. It is not always near the floor but on tables and even a bit more up.
  • Automatic lights working on some kind of sensor are good. You don’t have to have switches all that many and still the light is on when ever you need it

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